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I service my vehicle

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Why choose CFAO Motors ?

Transparency : clear prices 
Unsurprisingly, prices are displayed throughout our workshops. Our packages include replacement parts and labor.

The manufacturer's original parts 
Original parts were submitted for thousands of hours of research and control of hundreds of patents and crash testing to ensure the quality of the vehicle and driver safety. By entrusting the maintenance of your Toyota by CFAO vehicle, you are sure to get original spare parts, providing driving performance and maximum safety.

Well-equipped workshops 
CFAO workshops are equipped with all the equipment for the maintenance of your vehicle. Our diagnostic tools are efficient and modern.

Staff are trained with the latest technology. 
The technical development of vehicles requires well-trained staff to ensure customer service quality which is why Toyota technicians regularly receive specialized training.

Quick Service 
For the maintenance of your Toyota vehicle, you can use the Quick Service. You are sure to get an immediate welcome, no appointment needed, and advice from a technician. This service offers quality service and a free checkup of key elements of your vehicle very quickly.

Warranty Conditions

Products sold in the CFAO network benefit fully from Toyota warranty given by the manufacturer.

All the conditions of the warranty period are detailed in the warranty booklet and maintenance provided to each customer during delivery of the vehicle in CFAO Motors Toyota dealerships.
Your new vehicle is covered * 3 years / 100 000 km, the first of two terms reached.

* Confirm warranty conditions in dealerships

Maintenance Packages

Our packages include spare parts and labor for most maintenance items: oil service, tyres, brake pads ...

The packages enable you to control the maintenance budget for your vehicle through a professional and competitive service.

You benefit from our expertise in compliance with manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, using original parts.

TOYOTA recall campaigns

At TOYOTA, your safety is our priority. Your vehicle may be the subject of a recall campaign in order to verify its full compliance with the manufacturer's quality standards, and to remedy any possible defects by free intervention at an authorized Toyota dealership.

You can check if your vehicle is affected by a recall campaign by entering the information on the following form:


Check if your vehicle is part of the recall campaign by searching by VIN*

*Where can I find my VIN number?

Your vehicle's VIN number appears on your vehicle's registration papers.

You will see a 17-character long number with numbers and letters: this is the VIN number.

This code is also present at least in two locations on your vehicle:

§ The windshield, bottom left

§ The manufacturer plate: it can be marked cold, engraved or punched on the engine. Sometimes it is printed on a label, itself attached to the engine.

§ Inside the car: at different locations, such as the floor or trunk

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